Adaptogen Elixir

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Adaptogen Elixir is an all-natural beverage that helps you adapt to stress naturally. It is made with an adaptogen and botanical blend that improves your resiliency. It contains kombucha tea that helps the body achieve a natural balance. 


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Experience the power of Adaptogen Elixir, an all-natural beverage designed to help you adapt to stress and enhance your resiliency. Crafted with a unique blend of adaptogens and botanicals, this elixir supports your body’s natural ability to overcome challenges and find balance. The drink is good for you and good for the earth. It fights fatigue and improves mental clarity. It comes in a 100% recyclable glass bottle.

Values & Benefits

 Adaptogen Elixir offers a variety of benefits. Here are some to consider:

  • Helps you adapt to stress: The drink helps you adapt to stress naturally, so you are ready for whatever life has to offer
  • All-Natural Ingredients: The drink is made with all-natural ingredients like botanicals, kombucha tea, and adaptogens. It is naturally sweetened with Stevia.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The bottle is made from 100% recyclable glass.
  • Other Mental Benefits: In addition to boosting stress resiliency, the elixir also improves sleep quality and mental clarity and fights fatigue.
  • Cleanse Day Approved: Adaptogen Elixir may be consumed on Cleanse Days. It has a value of 1 Cleanse Credit per serving when using the Cleanse Day Tracker.
  • Good for Almost Everyone: Almost anyone 18 and over can benefit from Adaptogen Elixir. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before using the product.
  • Safe: The kombucha in the elixir has been pasteurized for safety and quality and does not contain live probiotic organisms. While it does not provide the probiotic benefit, it offers the metabolites and fermentation products that help kombucha improve health.
  • Low in Caffeine and Alcohol-Free: The Elixir contains less than 7 milligrams of caffeine per serving. Although kombucha may produce a small amount of alcohol during the fermentation process, it is completely removed before it is added to the elixir.
  • Best Adaptogen Drink in Canada

What’s Inside

 Adaptogen Elixir is an supplement made from a variety of beneficial ingredients, including the following:

Ashwagandha: Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, this plant is known for providing adaptogen benefits.

 Rhodiola: This botanical has been shown to decrease stress, minimize fatigue and reduce symptoms of depression.

 Shisandra: Chinese medicine sees shisandra as a plant that benefits the life force of all living things. It may reduce inflammation, support adrenal function to help with stress, and improve liver and digestive health.

 Astralagus: Astralagus root is used to treat a variety of conditions, including upper respiratory infections, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. It has antioxidant effects that may be beneficial to immunity.

 Eleutrhro root: Eleuthero root is known for providing a wide range of benefits. It boosts energy, improves cognitive function, and may be beneficial to conditions like low blood pressure, osteoporosis, and menopause.

 Kombucha tea: Kombucha tea is a fermented drink, so it is rich in probiotics that are beneficial to digestion. It also contains antioxidants which may help fight some diseases.

How is Adaptogen Elixir Flavored & Sweetened?

 Adaptogen Elixir is sweetened with an all-natural, calorie-free sweetener. Its botanicals give it a light and pleasant flavor.

How is Adaptogen Elixir Different from Ionix Supreme?

 Adaptogen Elixir and Ionix Supreme are adaptogen-rich drinks that help your body fight stress. However, they differ in the other ingredients they contain. Adaptogen Elixir contains kombucha tea while Ionix Supreme contains several vitamins and nutrients.

Can I Take Both Adaptogen Elixir and Ionix Supreme?

 Yes, both Adaptogen Elixir and Ionix Supreme contain all-natural ingredients so they are safe for everyday use, and they can be used together. The Elixir contains adaptogens that assist with stress resiliency and kombucha tea which maintains balance. Ionix Supreme contains adaptogens, vitamins, and alpha-lipoic acid that protect the body and mind from daily stressors.

They work together to provide a double shot against stress’s harmful effects.

 Will Extreme Temperatures During Shipment Affect My Adaptogen Elixir?

 No. Adaptogen Elixir is made with adaptogens that can survive harsh environments. Short exposure to extreme temperatures will not affect its ability to help your body handle stress.


 Adaptogen Elixir is made with beneficial ingredients that help you adapt to stress naturally. It is a great way to improve your mental wellbeing. Don’t settle for feeling average when you can thrive with Adaptogen Elixir. Unleash your body’s full potential and embrace the vibrant, resilient version of yourself. It’s time to take your well-being to new heights.

Try Adaptogen Elixir today and discover the transformative power of nature’s adaptogens. Elevate your body, elevate your mind, and elevate your life.