Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle

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The Bedtime Bundle provides you with everything you need for a great bedtime snack. This powerful bundle blends a specially crafted combination of whey protein and added nutrients to prime your body for sustained development of lean muscle mass, fat shredding, and comprehensive health support during your sleep.

  • Sleep better and burn fat.

  • Boost your metabolic rate.

  • Satisfy late-night cravings.

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Isagenix Bedtime Belly Buster (BBB) can help you lose weight while you sleep. How? Scientific research also shows a significant link between inadequate sleep and weight gain. Incorporating protein before bedtime can enhance satiety and elevate your metabolic rate.

We all know the drill – late nights, our favourite TV shows, and those nagging cravings for a midnight snack. Seemingly harmless, these snacks can affect our diet and weight over time.
That’s not the end of your nighttime weight loss battle. A good night’s sleep, often overlooked, is also key to losing weight and achieving better overall health. Take on these challenges at once with Bedtime Belly Buster – your way to making weight loss achievable even as you sleep.

Bedtime Belly Buster is a delightful nighttime treat that blends Isagenix shake with either Isagenix Fruits or Isagenix Greens™ to satisfy those late-night cravings. This tasty combination helps you stay on course to tackle and burn that stubborn belly fat!

Values and Benefits

  • Promotes satiety throughout the night to aid with weight loss
  • Boosts metabolism to support calorie and fat burn
  • Rich in nutrients and antioxidants which improve wellness and reduce the risk of disease
  • Low in sugar and calories

The Bedtime Belly Buster is your dream teammate; it combines essential elements for sleep and weight management in one dynamic bundle. And the benefits? 

First off, you get aid in managing satiety levels at night. With 18 grams of high-quality protein, you can suppress those notorious late-night snack cravings. The packs’ rich nutrient content also supports lean muscle development and recovery during the night, which is the prime time when our body recovers and regenerates.

Meanwhile, Renewal Sleep Support™ can help promote a good night’s rest safely, using a non-habit-forming blend that helps you enjoy your sleep, which is critical for overall health.

And remember the Greens™ or Fruits™? They effortlessly blend in with IsaPro®, tantalizing your taste buds while giving you the benefits of potassium and other valuable nutrients.

What’s Inside

Let’s lift the lid on this revolutionary package and reveal the products that make it your ideal nighttime companion.

IsaPro® Whey or Plant-Based Protein Powder: 

IsaPro delivers top-notch protein, known for its advantages in promoting muscle maintenance and growth. Having a serving of protein before bedtime not only aids in better recovery from exercise but may also contribute to enhanced satiety when consumed at night. Don’t let its smooth, creamy texture fool you. This is your ultimate source of protein, boasting 18 grams in every helping, fuelling your journey to achieve fitness goals.

Greens™ or Fruits™: 

This is not your average fruit and veggie supplement. Pour in a scoop for an extra flavour kick and the benefits of valuable phytochemicals minus any excess sugar or calories. That’s guilt-free indulgence for you!

Greens: Crafted with a blend of nutrient-rich vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, turmeric, chlorella, spirulina, and non-GMO moringa, Isagenix Greens stands out as a powerhouse of essential nutrients. Remarkably, it contains zero grams of added sugar. With each scoop, you attain the equivalent of two servings of vegetables, simplifying the achievement of your daily nutritional targets.

Fruits: Isagenix Fruits is brimming with nutrients derived from superfruits such as acai berry, noni, pomegranate, mangosteen, and wolfberry. The cold-pressed formulation ensures the preservation of its valuable nutrients. Abundant in antioxidants, this supplement actively diminishes the risk of disease. Notably, it maintains a low sugar and calorie content, boasting just one gram of sugar and 25 calories.

Renewal Sleep Support™:

Extensive scientific research has established a noteworthy connection between insufficient sleep and weight gain (4). Prioritizing adequate sleep is a crucial but often overlooked step toward achieving your weight loss objectives. Renewal Sleep Support plays a role by promoting a restful, full night’s sleep through natural ingredients like melatonin and chamomile flower extract. (Note: This product should not be included in the BBB drink itself!) It’s fast-acting and non-habit-forming sleep support, which perfectly complements your night-time routine.

What Does the Science Say

The results BBB provides are scientifically backed. Protein has been proven to help people reach their weight loss goals. It also increases muscle recovery which, in turn, supports an active metabolism. Studies have shown that people that are sleep deprived tend to overeat. The combination of nighttime satiety and the Sleep Support Spray improves sleep habits so you can keep your appetite under control.

How Does It Work?

The Bedtime Belly Buster recipe is beautifully simple. All you require is 1 scoop of IsaPro® Whey or Plant-Based Protein and 1 scoop of Greens™ or Fruits™.


  1. Mix water (4-5 ounces) with IsaPro® and Greens™ or Fruits™.
  2. Blend or shake vigorously until well combined.
  3. For a chilled treat, add ice, re-blend and relish.
  4. Sip this delightful mix 30-60 minutes before bedtime on any Shake Day. 

Note: The BBB is not recommended on a Cleanse Day, a specific day reserved for limited calorie intake while using other Isagenix products.

Pretty simple, right? Now, just 20 minutes before you slip under the covers, spray 1–3 pumps of Renewal Sleep Support™ directly into your mouth and hold it there for 1 minute before swallowing. 

You may gently increase the amount of intake (up to a maximum of 6 sprays). This is done to your sweet spot; how much you need for a blissful and restorative sleep.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Bedtime Belly Buster is an excellent choice for a wide range of people. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking to maintain lean muscle, someone embarking on a weight management journey, or simply someone who craves a satisfying, guilt-free treat before bed, Bedtime Belly Buster fits the bill.


How do you make a Bedtime Belly Buster shake?

Making a Bedtime Belly Buster shake is easy! Simply blend or shake 1 scoop each of IsaPro® and Greens™ or Fruits™ with 4-5 ounces of water.

What are the flavour choices for IsaPro®?

IsaPro® Protein Powder is available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavour choices but without the calories, fat, and sugar of typical late-night treats.

Does the shake contain sleep-support ingredients?

No. While the shake does not directly contain sleep-support ingredients, the pack includes Renewal Sleep Support™ to help promote a restful night’s sleep.


The Bedtime Belly Buster package uniquely combines IsaPro® Protein Powder, Greens™ or Fruits™, and Renewal Sleep Support™. It’s engineered to help manage satiety levels, support lean muscle development and enjoy restful sleep. 

Indulge in a guilt-free nighttime treat while harnessing the dual benefits of weight management and quality sleep – the ultimate addition to your nightly routine.

1 IsaPro® canister (Chocolate or Vanilla)
1 canister of Isagenix Greens™
OR 1 canister Isagenix Fruits
1 bottle Sleep Support & Renewal™ spray