Builder Value Pack

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Builder Value Pack is a harmonious blend of the cherished 30-day pack and essential Zija products, carefully crafted to elevate overall well-being and lay a robust groundwork for your business. Tailor your pack by choosing your favorite shakes and flavors, fashioning a combination that jumpstarts a enduring and healthy lifestyle!

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Isagenix Builder Value Pack! Designed to kick-start a lasting healthy lifestyle, this 30-day pack seamlessly blends your favourite shakes and flavours with core Zija products to create a powerful combination. Builder Value Pack: Experience the perfect fusion of the beloved 30-day pack with essential Zija products designed to enhance well-being and establish a strong foundation for your business. Customize your package by selecting your preferred shakes and flavours, crafting a blend that ignites a sustained and wholesome lifestyle!
Earn money, set your schedule, and share your passion for health and wellness with everyone – all while embracing the benefits of our effective, safe, and convenient line of products.

What’s Inside 

Take a step towards healthy living with our Builder Value Pack, allowing you to customize each carefully selected item. Each of these items plays a crucial role in your transformation towards wellness.

  • Indulge in the healthy, tasty goodness of our IsaLean™ Shakes or IsaLean™ PRO, providing a practical superfood meal packed with protein and essential nutrients.
  • Cleanse for Life™ provides vital support for your body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Ionix® Supreme is your ally for stress reduction and overall health. Packed with a blend of botanicals and nutrients, this drink becomes a staple in your daily routine to help you face each day with calmness and resilience.

Complement your journey with a curated selection of essentials free with the Builder Value Pack:

  • SuperMix: Elevate your nutrition with this premium moringa superfood powder, providing a powerful boost of antioxidants and essential nutrients.
  • Natural Accelerator™: Ignite your metabolism with this dynamic supplement, designed to support your body’s natural ability to burn fat and boost energy levels.
  • Snack Bites: Bid farewell to mindless snacking with these delicious bites, offering a smarter and healthier way to indulge your taste buds.
  • XM+ Energy Mix: Avoid energy slumps with this natural energy-boosting drink powder. Sip on sustained energy to power through your day without the crash.
  • IsaFlush®: Ensure your digestive system gets the gentle support it deserves with IsaFlush, promoting regularity and maintaining a healthy gut.

Key Benefits & Effects 

Our Builder Value Pack provides a transformative experience. From supporting your body’s natural detox process to stress reduction and lasting energy, each element contributes to building a foundation for overall well-being.

How Does It Work

The Isagenix Builder Value Pack simplifies the path to success. This provides a comprehensive, solution-based system that fits seamlessly into any lifestyle, making it easy for you to achieve your health and wellness goals while providing the option to build a successful independent business. Discover the simplicity of our packs and unlock your potential.

Who Is It Suitable For 

This pack is for those ready to control their destiny. Whether you’re aiming for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle or want to dive into an entrepreneurial venture, becoming a part of the Isagenix community is now more accessible than ever.

Leverage the power of social media and our convenient business packs to build a thriving business with minimal startup fees and low overhead costs.


Is the Builder Value Pack customizable?

Yes, the Isagenix Builder Value Pack lets you customize items to your preferences. Take a look at the wide selection available and build your own pack today.

Can I use the Builder Value Pack despite dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Our products cater to various dietary needs. Check the product descriptions for specific details to know more.

Are Builder Value Pack products recommended to family and friends?

Yes, sharing is encouraged! Spread the wellness and build your business network by introducing others to these fantastic products.


The Builder Value Pack is your all-in-one solution for health, wellness, and financial independence. Crafted with care, each product in this pack contributes to your journey, providing benefits that extend beyond physical well-being.

Join the Isagenix community, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and build your path to success – one shake at a time.