Collagen Elixir


Collagen Elixir™ is a blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals. To support healthy hair, skin & nails.
This blend helps maintain skin elasticity & supports a healthy radiant glow.

5 grams of marine collagen peptides.
Source of biotin and antioxidant vitamin C.
A botanical blend of chamomile, acerola berry, aloe vera, and goji berry.

Made with natural ingredients. No artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners.

6Collagen Elixir – Wild Berry – 10 bottles

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Collagen Elixir is a dietary supplement that contains a powerful blend of marine collagen peptides and botanicals. It improves skin elasticity, diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and protects against photoaging. Its superfood ingredients promote radiance.

Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin and other connective tissues. Collagen production slows down as we age leading to sags, bags, and wrinkles. A supplement, such as Collagen Elixir, can restore skin’s youthful appearance turning back the hands of time.

The elixir is an excellent vitamin C, zinc, and biotin source. In addition to being good for the skin, it is also beneficial to hair and nails. Its taste hints at the wild berries and sweet botanicals that make up the formula.

Values & Benefits

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects skin from aging
  • Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Promotes radiance
  • 5 grams of marine collagen peptides,
  • Made with marine peptides from responsibly caught cod and pollack
  • Good source of nutrients
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Natural Sweet The sweetness of nature itself, enhanced with a hint of botanicals and wild fruit. (Great wild berry flavor)
  • Glass bottles are 100% recyclable
  • Manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility

Improve Your Skin From Within.

Collagen Elixir™ indulges your skin from the inside out thanks to an inventive combination of marine collagen peptides and potent botanicals.

Isagenix Collagen Elixir has 5 grams of marine collagen peptides, Source of biotin and antioxidant vitamin C. Made with natural ingredients. No artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners. This botanical blend contains chamomile, acerola berry, aloe vera, and goji berry.

What’s Inside?

Collagen Elixir owes its effects to its blend of high-quality ingredients. These include:

5 grams of marine collagen peptides: These health ingredients made from fish boost skin elasticity to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Biotin: The fatty acids in biotin have been shown to nourish hair, nails, and skin. 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage. It also encourages collagen growth. 

Zinc: Zinc is good for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Aloe vera: Aloe vera helps the skin retain moisture and it’s non-irritating. 

Acerola berry: Acerola berry is an astringent. It reduces blemishes and promotes elasticity. 

Goji berry: Goji berry is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin and aid with cell regeneration. It also reduces acne, promotes collagen production, and evens out skin tone.

 0 grams artificial sugar: Collagen elixir gets its sweet taste from its berry and botanical ingredients. It does not contain any artificial sugar.

Isagenix Ensure the Purity of Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Isagenix’s hydrolyzed collagen peptides have an advantage in the purity department as they are derived from sealife that generally have lower levels of mercury than top-of-the-food-chain fish. Purity is further ensured as the collagen is purified to hydrolyzed collagen peptides and then tested to ensure purity, quality, and safety. It is then sent for additional third-party testing before it hits the market. 


How Many Servings Should I Take Per Day?

For best results, take one serving of Collagen Elixir per day. 

At What Age Can Someone Start to Consume Collagen Elixir?

Collagen Elixir is suitable for people 16 and up. 

Is Collagen Elixir Cleanse Day Approved?

Yes, Collagen Elixir is Cleanse Day-approved. It is worth 2 cleanse credits per serving. 

Is There a Difference Between Hydrolyzed Collagen and Collagen Peptides? 

No, there is no difference between hydrolyzed collagen and collagen peptides. They both refer to the same ingredient. Hydrolyzed collagen is collagen broken down into collagen peptides. These special enzymes make collagen easier to absorb. 

Isagenix Clinical Study

After four weeks study participants found (daily consumption of Collagen Elixir)

– Increased facial collagen density
– Increase in both elasticity and moisture in facial skin
– Measurable reduction in wrinkles

Learn more about the results here – Published Study: Collagen Elixir Substantially Improves Facial Skin Appearance

Noticeable Results in 30 Days

92% Healthier Skin  91% Youthful Complexion  93% Improved Hydration  90% More Radiant Skin


If you are looking to improve the look of your skin, Collagen Elixir is highly recommended. Its all-natural ingredients will boost collagen production to increase elasticity and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Will you be adding it to your beauty routine?

Collagen Elixir – Wild Berry – 10 bottles