Fiber Snacks

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Isagenix Fiber Snacks are scrumptious yet hunger-satisfying snack perfect for when you are on the go.
This Isaproduct holds 6 grams of undenatured whey protein & contains per serve as well as 24% of the daily recommended value of fibre.
Each Bar is consists of prebiotics has no artificial colours or flavours

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Fiber Snacks are a delicious way to add fiber to your day. They contain 6 grams of undenatured whey protein. They provide 24% of the daily recommended fiber intake. These Isagenix bars come in delicious Peanut Chocolate Chew and Honey Almond Crisp flavours. But don’t let their sweet taste fool you – Isa Fiber Snacks are also incredibly nutritious. They are rich in prebiotics for healthy intestinal flora. They aid in maintaining regularity.

Isagenix Fiber Snacks are the perfect snack for satisfying hunger and meeting your nutritional goals.
They make a great snack on Shake Days. And the best part? Fiber Snacks are incredibly convenient. Their individual packaging makes them ideal for on-the-go snacking or a quick lunchbox addition. They are gluten-free and kosher, and they do not contain artificial colours or flavours.

Values and Benefits

  • High in Fiber: The snacks contain 6 grams of fiber which constitutes 24% of your recommended daily fiber intake. Fiber is good for digestion, promotes satiety, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and it provides many other health benefits.
  • Low Calorie: Fiber Snacks are just 150 calories and contain zero trans-fats.
  • High in Quality Protein: The snacks contain 6 grams of high-quality whey and milk protein from New Zealand dairy farms. The cows are free-grazing and not treated with antibiotics. Protein further promotes satiety, contributes to the building of lean muscle mass, and it boosts energy.
  • Contains Soluble and Insoluble: The soluble fiber in the product is ideal for softening stool and feeding probiotic bacteria to promote bacterial balance and protect against disease. The insoluble fiber promotes regularity.
  • Convenient: The snacks can be taken anywhere. It is a convenient way to promote healthy eating.
  • Great Taste: Fiber snacks come in two delicious flavors.
  • All-Natural: The snacks contain all-natural ingredients you can trust.

How Can Fiber Snacks Help Me Lose Weight?

 Fiber Snacks promote satiety, so you snack less. This can lead to reduced caloric intake which is beneficial for weight loss.

Can You Enjoy Fiber Snacks as a Meal Alternative?

 At 150 calories, Isagenix Fiber Snacks make a filling snack, but they should not be used as a meal alternative.

What’s Inside

 Isa Fiber Snacks are rich in the following ingredients:

  • Soluble and Insoluble Fiber: The two kinds of fiber work together to boost satiety, improve digestion, and promote regularity.
  • High-Quality Protein: Fiber Snacks contain 6 grams of high-quality whey and milk protein sourced from free-grazing cows that were not treated with antibiotics.
  • Goji Berry Extract: Goji berry is beneficial to eye health, and immune health, and it improves mood.
  • Acai Fruit Extract: Acai is rich in antioxidants that protect the body from disease.
  •  Carrot Powder:  Carrot powder has potent antioxidant properties and it’s rich in a variety of nutrients.

How Much Fiber Should I Be Consuming?

 The National Fiber Council recommends a daily intake of 20-38 grams of fiber per day.

 Why Was Protein Added to Fiber Snacks?

 Protein was added to fiber snacks to further promote satiety. It aids with muscle growth, energy, and the support of amino acids, the body’s cellular proteins, and enzymes.


Whether you’re looking for a mid-day pick-me-up or a healthy snack that promotes weight loss, Isagenix Fiber Snacks are the perfect solution. It is fortified with nutrients, and it tastes delicious. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of fiber without sacrificing taste or convenience with Fiber Snacks. Your digestive system will thank you!



Servings per Package – 12 Serving Size – 1 bar (35 g)
NutritionsAve. Quantity
per Serving
Ave. Quantity
per 100 g
Energy1045 kJ (250 Cal)1633 kJ (391 Cal)
Protein19 g30 g
Fat, total8 g12.5 g
- saturated3.5 g5.5 g
- trans0 g0 g
- polyunsaturated1 g1.6 g
- monounsaturated2.5 g4 g
Carbohydrate29 g45 g
- sugars12 g19 g
Dietary fibre8 g12.5 g
Sodium140 mg219 mg
Potassium65 mg102 mg