Immune Shake Booster

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Immune Shake Booster boosts immunity and improves overall well-being. It contains a variety of immune-supporting compounds which balance the immune system to promote better health. It is made with all-natural ingredients.

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Immune Shake Booster is a shake mix designed to boost immunity. It is made from beta-glucan and beneficial mushrooms that contain immune-boosting compounds. It supports overall wellness and reduces the risk of illness. The shake has a neutral taste, so it mixes well with any beverage. It is easy to use and digest. It is kosher and vegetarian.

Values & Benefits

  • Boosts immunity: The shake contains immune-boosting compounds that benefit overall wellness
  • Made with All-natural Ingredients: Immune Shake Booster is made with all-natural ingredients and is free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners
  • Neutral Taste: The neutral taste won’t change the flavor of beverages it’s added to
  • Good for Restrictive Diets: Kosher, vegetarian, dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free, so it works well with a variety of restrictive diets
  • Kid-Safe: The shake is approved for people 4 -years -old and up
  • Easy to Use and Digest: Immune Booster can easily be added to any beverage. It does not require you to swallow pills and capsules so it’s easy to digest.

What is Beta-Glucan, and What Does it Do?

 Beta-glucan is derived from the baker’s yeast strain saccharomyces cerevisiae. Studies reveal its ability to prime and strengthen immune cells for a more balanced response.

What’s Inside?

 Immune-Boosting Mushrooms: The shake contains reishi, maitake, and poria mushrooms which contain immune-supporting compounds.

 Wellmune: Wellmune is a beta-glucan sourced from brewer’s yeast. It has been shown to prime and strengthen immune cells to promote a more balanced immune response.

 Dietary Fiber: Each scoop has 11% of the recommended amount of dairy fiber. Fiber is beneficial in promoting satiety, so you snack less. It is also good for digestion and heart health.

How to Use Immune Shake Booster

 Immune Shake Booster will mix well with any beverage, but it was designed to be blended with Isagenix IsaLean or IsaLean PRO Shakes. Adults should mix one scoop with an Isagenix shake and consume it once daily. They may have up to two servings if they are feeling especially stressed out or fatigued or if they are doing intense exercise training. Kids 4 and up can mix half a scoop into smoothies, shakes, and other thick beverages.

Can I Take More Than the Recommended Dose?

 Yes, you can take two doses of Immune Shake Booster if you are feeling particularly stressed or fatigued, or if you are involved in an extreme training program.

 Can Immune Shake Booster Be Taken in Addition to Cold and Flu Medications?

 Immune Shake Booster is not meant to replace any cold or flu medications. You should talk to a doctor before taking it alongside any prescribed medications.


 Immune Shake Booster is a great way to boost your immunity and overall health. It is made with all-natural ingredients that have proven to be effective. How will you be using it to improve your well-being?