IsaLean® Shake and Ionix® Supreme Bundle

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Get complete nutrition and energy-boosting adaptogens from Isagenix Isalean Shake and Ionix Supreme Bundle. This buddle supports healthy weight maintenance and satisfy cravings for unhealthy foods. Enjoy the benefits of more energy throughout the day.

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The IsaLean Shake and Ionix Supreme Bundle contains 2 IsaLean Shakes and 1 Ionix Supreme product. This package supports healthy weight loss & healthy weight maintenance.

The combination offers energy boosting adaptogens that help the body better handle stress and improve overall nutrition. They also contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other ‘good for you’ ingredients, and the enzymes required to break them down. The products aid with calorie control, boost nutrition, and are beneficial to weight loss. You can choose the items you want to get results that are best suited to your health needs.

With this package you can choose from a variety of shakes including Isalean shakes, Whole Blend Pro and Plant-based.  All IsaLean shakes are formulated with balanced nutrients that are beneficial to health and weight management. The Ionix Supreme contains natural botanicals that boost immunity and overall wellness. You can opt for a canister, stick, or bottle of Ionix Supreme to be included with the purchase.

Values and Benefits

  • Boosts Energy: The shakes are packed with protein and nutrients that provide energy throughout the day.
  • Flavorful: The products come in a wide variety of great tasting flavors. They do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Boosts Immunity: The botanicals in Ionix Supreme are rich in antioxidants that boost immunity and wellbeing.
  • Aids with Weight Loss Management: The shakes are filling so they reduce snacking. They also portioned. This combination of characteristics aids with weight management and caloric tracking.
  • Beneficial to Mental Health: The bundle contains products rich in adaptogens that help the body handle stress and maintain homeostasis and balance.
  • Sustainable Results: Unlike other diets that are difficult to follow, the Isalean Shake and Ionix Supreme bundle is easy to stick to providing long-lasting results.
  • Contains B6 and B12: The B6 and B12 in the products help combat fatigue and prevent a deficiency of these nutrients.

How Does it Work?

 The ingredients in the IsaLean Shake and Ionix Supreme is what makes it so effective.

 Isalean shakes have varying ingredients depending on which you order, but they are all rich in protein which is beneficial in boosting energy and building lean muscle. They contain healthy fats which support cell function, protect organs, and help the body absorb certain nutrients. They also contain enzymes that help break down the nutrients in the shake.

 The Ionix Supreme is rich in nutrients that support immunity. It contains a variety of botanicals that improve wellness, help maintain balance in the body, and protect against the effects of stress. It is produced by experts using a proprietary brewing process that preserves the potency of each ingredient.


 If you are looking for a product that is beneficial to health and aids with weight loss, the Isalean Shake and Ionix Supreme Bundle is recommended. Choose the products that are best suited to your lifestyle and health needs to enjoy the utmost in wellness and convenience. Which combo will you be opting for when you order?


IsaLean™ Shake

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