Shake and IsaGenesis

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 Isagenix Shake and IsaGenesis Pack is a powerful duo to support your health and wellness goals. This Pack includes two products that work together to support healthy weight loss and combat the effects of aging.

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The Shake and IsaGenesis package includes two whey-based shake packets as well as the IsaGenesis supplement. You will be getting twenty-eight complete superfood meals plus the supplement which protects the body from oxidative stress and supports healthy aging. The shakes are rich in nutrients and packed with protein.

 The IsLean Shake is packed with 24 grams of protein which is beneficial in satisfying hunger, building lean muscle, and providing an energy boost. The drinks contain responsibly sourced whey and milk protein (plant-based options are also available). It has a great taste and does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavors.

The IsaGenesis supplement protects telomeres helping you achieve healthy aging. It boosts energy and improves wellness so you can better fight disease and oxidative stress.

You can give your body the nutrients it needs to promote healthy ageing, healthy weight loss, and healthy nutrition by using these two products together. IsaGenesis offers extra support for cellular health and anti-aging benefits, while the Isagenix Shake offers a convenient and delectable meal replacement choice.

Values and Benefits 

  • Boosts Energy: The shakes are packed with nutrients and protein that provide all day energy.
  • Convenient Meal Replacement: Each serving of the shake equals one superfood meal, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for healthy ingredients and counting calories.
  • May Help with Weight Management: The shakes are filling so you cut back on snacking. This could be beneficial to weight management.
  • Sustainable: Unlike other meal plans that are hard to stick to, the shakes will provide you with a convenient way to eat healthy.
  • All Natural Ingredients: The shakes contain all natural ingredients and are responsibly sourced protein so you can feel good about including them in your meal plan.
  • IsaGenesis Supports Healthy Aging: The package includes an IsaGenesis supplement that’s rich in botanicals and supports healthy aging.

What’s Inside

The IsaLean shakes are packed with 18 grams of whey protein per serving that’s responsibly sourced from grass-fed dairy. They contain 21 vitamins and minerals from whole vegetables. They are naturally flavored and sweetened and do not contain any artificial ingredients.

The IsaGenesis Supplement contains vitamin C and E which are essential nutrients with antioxidant characteristics that protect the body from oxidative stress. It is also rich in B12 which is recommended for cellular support and boosted energy. It provides telomere protection which assists with healthy aging.

How Does it Work?

 The shakes’ ‘magic ingredient’ is protein. Protein is responsible for boosting energy, building lean muscle, and providing satiety so you feel fuller longer and snack less. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients that aid with overall wellness.

 The IsaGenesis supplement protects telomeres. Telomere length shortens with age leading to an increased risk of disease. The IsaGenesis supplement keeps telomeres intact promoting healthy aging.

 For best results, take 2 IsaGenesis softgels twice a day. Shakes can be consumed as a meal replacement option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking.


Isagenix Shake and IsaGenesis work in tandem to deliver a  powerful combination of nutrients and support for your general health and wellbeing. This Pack supports healthy weight loss and combat the effects of aging. Experience the advantages for yourself right away by ordering the Isagenix Shake and IsaGenesis Bundle!