Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack

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Indulge in the Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack, offering a total of 28 nourishing superfood meals, coupled with cellular detoxification and energy enhancement. This Pack comprises one bottle of Recharge NAD™ along with two shake canisters —pick your preferred flavours

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Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack Overview

Experience the Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack, featuring a total of 28 wholesome superfood meals, complemented by cellular detoxification and energy enhancement. This pack includes one bottle of Recharge NAD™ and two shake canisters—choose your favorite flavors.

Rise and shine! Imagine waking up with a burst of energy fueled by our supplements, not just for the day ahead but from the newfound vitality within. Embrace this journey of health transformation with Isagenix.

Our Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack is your passport to a revolutionary lifestyle. We’re covering cellular care, energy infusion, and a commitment to defying aging at its core.  Get to know this power-packed duo that offers 28 superfood meals and cellular rejuvenation for a truly invigorating experience.

What’s Inside

Find out more about the Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack, where optimal cell health meets delicious nourishment.

Nutrient Dense Meal Replacement

Choose from the original IsaLean® Shake flavours, IsaLean® PRO Shake, or Whey-Based or Plant-Based Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake options. This scientifically supported, nutrient-dense superfood meal replacement shake is designed to fuel your body, build lean muscle, and support metabolism.  IsaLean® Shake combines high-quality protein, adaptogens for balance, and targeted supplements for an enriching experience.

Recharge NAD™

Your cells are the foundation of your well-being, involved in every aspect of your daily life. Recharge NAD™ is designed to protect and energize your cells, supporting healthy aging and improved body functioning. This promotes normal cellular energy and aging processes, aids in detoxification, and utilizes time-release capsule technology for sustained benefits. With ingredients like Broccoli Seed Extract, astragalus, tocotrienols, and fisetin, Recharge NAD™ is your key to maximizing cellular health.

Key Benefits & Effects 

Experience a new level of wellness with the Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack, unlocking a host of benefits:

  • All-Day Energy: Experience sustained vitality with shakes packed with balanced nutrients and Recharge NAD™, nourishing your body down to the cellular level.
  • Total Body Support: This pack provides essential nutrients, facilitating detoxification and energy production in your cells and supporting fundamental bodily functions such as respiration, digestion, and movement.
  • Sustainable Results: Embrace a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for long-term weight management and lean muscle maintenance. This power combo redefines your relationship with well-being.
  • Third-Party Quality Tested: Rest easy knowing that our raw materials and finished products undergo rigorous quality testing, adhering to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for foods and dietary supplements.

How Does It Work?

Follow the usage instructions of the Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack and unlock the potential of each component.

IsaLean® Shake: With 24 grams of high-quality protein, 8 grams of filling fibre, and 6 grams of good fats, IsaLean® Shake is a delicious and satisfying meal replacement. Depending on your calorie needs and weight loss goals, our shakes can replace two to three meals daily.

Recharge NAD™: This powerful supplement promotes normal cellular energy production, supports cellular detoxification, and aids in promoting healthy aging. With its advanced capsule technology and timed-release beadlets, you can take 2 capsules daily with meals for optimal cellular detox and energy support.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack is suitable for a diverse range of individuals, including:

  • Weight Management Seekers: Whether you’re aiming for weight loss or maintaining lean muscle, this pack provides a balanced approach.
  • Health Enthusiasts: Elevate your wellness journey with a pack that supports your overall well-being.
  • Busy Professionals: Simplify your nutrition and cellular care with a convenient pack that fits seamlessly into your hectic lifestyle.


The Shake and Recharge NAD™ Pack transcends the boundaries of conventional weight loss solutions. This pack invites you to redefine your approach to well-being, emphasizing cellular health, sustainable energy, and nourishment that penetrates to the core.

Why choose this pack? Because it goes just beyond losing weight. It’s a commitment to a vibrant, thriving life. Join Isagenix in this health revolution, where every shake and supplement is a step towards a healthier, rejuvenated you.


Can anyone use Recharge NAD™?

Recharge NAD™ is suitable for individuals 18 years of age or older. Consult with your doctor about dietary supplement use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or if you have a medical condition.

How does IsaLean® Shake differ from other shakes?

IsaLean® Shake contains superior nutrition with the exclusive Myo-IsaLean™ Complex, featuring high-quality whey protein from pasture-raised cows without hormones or routine antibiotics.

Is it possible to personalize my IsaLean® Shake?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to tailor your Isagenix system to your preferences. It’s important to note, however, that incorporating additional ingredients into your IsaLean® Shake will raise the calorie count.