Sleep Smarter Bundle

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Isagenix Sleep Smarter Bundle supports your body to get quality sleep, which is vital for brain health. This Bundle offers a month’s worth of Nootropic Elixir™ and Renewal Sleep Support™. When integrated into your daily and nightly routines respectively, these supplements work together to promote overall brain health.

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Sleep Smarter Bundle Overview

Sleep Smarter Bundle aids your body in achieving restorative sleep, essential for optimal brain health. This package provides a 30-day supply of Nootropic Elixir™ and Renewal Sleep Support™. When incorporated into your daily and nightly routines, these supplements synergize to enhance overall brain health.

Are you juggling a fast-paced life that leaves you feeling drained and foggy? Over time, this can deteriorate your cognitive health. Our Sleep Smarter Bundle is the simple, supportive solution you need. 

With a 30-day supply of Nootropic Elixir and Renewal Sleep Support, this bundle is your all-in-one remedy, promoting a sharp mind and restful nights.

What’s Inside

The Sleep Smarter Bundle includes two transformative products:

  1. Nootropic Elixir: This powerful mix aids in cognitive performance, providing 80 milligrams of naturally sourced caffeine from green tea for alertness and concentration. The blend, which includes beetroot, amla, purslane, and phosphatidylserine, is free from artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners.
  2. Renewal Sleep Support: Incorporate this support into your nighttime routine to boost your overall brain health. 

Equipped with botanical ingredients, these products ensure your brain’s health and your productivity are in perfect equilibrium throughout the day and night. Your journey to better cognitive performance and deeper sleep begins here.

Key Benefits & Effects

The Sleep Smarter Bundle brings a myriad of cognitive and sleep-enhancing benefits. Nootropic Elixir plays a significant role in enhancing alertness, improving concentration, and augmenting mood for optimal daily balance and productivity.

Additional support is provided by beetroot, amla, purslane, and phosphatidylserine – a wellness blend designed for maximum cognitive performance. As a bonus, it offers natural caffeine from green tea to keep you energetic. 

The Renewal Sleep Support ensures a tranquil slumber, replenishing your body and mind during the night. This synergistic pairing within the bundle looks after your brain health round-the-clock.

Consistent use of Nootropic Elixir can be linked to improvements in concentration, multitasking, energy levels, and a decrease in fatigue. This bundle is your path to clearer thinking, heightened productivity, and refreshing sleep. 

Imagine achieving all of these in just 30 days.

How Does It Work?

For the Nootropic Elixir, start by treating yourself to one serving daily, up to twice, without feeling jittery or anxious. 

How to enjoy it? You have the versatility to make it part of your daily tonic regimen, dilute it with cold or warm water, making it an invigorating herbal tea, or even blend it with your favourite shake to invigorate your average health smoothie. 

As for the Renewal Sleep Support, here are some steps you can follow: 

  • Use it 20 minutes before setting off to Dreamland
  • Spray 1-3 pumps directly into your mouth
  • Hold it in for one minute before swallowing. 

Need a stronger effect? Not to worry – you can gradually increase the dosage up to 6 sprays as your needs evolve. 

With these straightforward processes, optimizing your cognitive health and sleep quality has never been easier!

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Sleep Smarter Bundle is ideal for adults juggling demanding schedules who seek to enhance cognitive performance and sleep quality. It’s even perfect for those looking to improve alertness, concentration, and energy levels and achieve a restful night’s sleep naturally.


The Sleep Smarter Bundle, with Nootropic Elixir and Renewal Sleep Support, paves the way for optimal brain health, energy, and restful nights. Experience enhanced focus, alertness, and tranquil sleep naturally. Embrace clinically studied products that can transform your cognitive health. Ready for a change? Order your Sleep Smarter Bundle today.


Can I take more than the recommended dose of Nootropic Elixir or Renewal Sleep Support?

Each person’s needs are unique, and while it’s generally safe to gradually increase your dosage, it’s crucial to listen to your body’s responses.

Are there any adverse side effects with the Sleep Smarter Bundle?

Our products are made with natural ingredients. However, those sensitive to caffeine may want to moderate their intake of Nootropic Elixir. 

Can I use the bundle along with other supplements or medication?

While both products should be safe to take with other supplements, always consult with a healthcare provider to ensure there’s no interference with current medications.