Total Health and Wellness: 4 Pillars of Health Pak

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The Isagenix Health and Wellness pack contains 4 pillars of heath: the IsaLean Shake, Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme and Complete Essentials. It is the ideal product for people who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It provides the basic tools to boost overall wellness.


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The Total Health and Wellness 4 Pillars of Health Pack provides you with everything you need to maintain whole body health.  The IsaLean Shake is packed with nutrients which provide a long-lasting energy boost. The Cleanse for Life assists your body in detoxing naturally. Ionix Supreme is a nutrient-rich herbal tonic made with vitamins, minerals and plant-based adaptogens. The Complete Essentials Supplement features a blend of bioactive herbs and vitamins that support healthy aging and cell maintenance.

 Values and Benefits

  • Assists with weight loss
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Supports detox
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Available in new dairy-free shake flavors
  • Customized for men and women
  • Proven to help people maintain their wellness goals

What’s Inside

 The ingredients in the Total Health and Wellness 4 Pillars of Health Pack include the following:

Isagenix Shake

 The pack may include the IsaLean Shake or IsaLean Pro. IsaLean Pro is a whey protein shake that contains 18 grams of whey protein sourced from grass-fed diary. It does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. It comes in delicious chocolate and vanilla varieties.

 The IsaLean Shake contains 23 grams of whey protein sourced from grass-fed dairy. It is packed with 23 vitamins and minerals. It has a superior amino acid profile and branched-chain amino acids. Its active enzymes support digestion.

Cleanse for Life: 

 Cleanse for Life features a blend of botanicals and plant-sourced trace minerals. It contains turmeric, licorice root and bilberry which offer phytonutrient support. It enhances the body’s natural detox process.

Ionix® Supreme:

Relax with ease. Natural botanicals and nourishing nutrients to enhance your well-being.

 Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis or Complete Essentials Daily Pack:

 The Complete Essentials Daily Pack is rich in the antioxidants vitamin E and Vitamin C. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and vital nutrients for daily nutrition. Its resveratrol and C0Q10 provides next-level cellular nutrition.

 How Does it Work

The various components in the Total Health and Wellness 4 Pillars of Health Pack provide health boosting effects that promote general wellness. The protein in the shakes builds lean muscle, boosts metabolism, and provides satiety to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. The Cleanse for Life supports the body’s natural detoxification process. It also provides nutrients that may get depleted during a cleanse. The Daily Essentials offer a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants to lower the risk of disease and improve overall health.

  • Cleanse for Life™: Best used as part of an Isagenix System for daily support or on Cleanse Days. Follow the recommended usage for both scenarios.
  • Ionix® Supreme: Enjoy this as a tonic, tea, or blend with your favourite IsaLean® Shake. Suitable for times of stress, post-workout recovery, or as desired, up to twice daily.
  • Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack: A.M. and P.M. packets for optimized performance throughout the day. Take the A.M. packet with breakfast, and the P.M. pack with dinner.
  • IsaLean™ Shake: Depending on your goals, this can replace two to three meal

Who Is It Suitable For?

Taking the first step toward optimal health is a personal and unique endeavour. The Total Health and Wellness: 4 Pillars of Health Pack is suitable for anyone seeking a transformative and adaptable solution to their health journey.

This pack aligns with your diverse needs, offering a full-body approach that goes beyond conventional health supplements. Choose your path to wellness with Isagenix and enjoy a personalized approach toward a healthier you.


The Total Health and Wellness 4 Pillars of Health Pack provides everything you need to improve wellness. It comes with 2 protein packed shakes, a detox companion, and nutrient-rich supplements. How will you be using it to reach your weight loss goals?


Even if I eat a healthy diet, do I still need to take the Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack?

While dietary needs vary, the Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack is designed to fill common gaps in essential daily nutrition. This ensures you have comprehensive support for your overall well-being.

What are Shake Days?

Isagenix Shake Days provide a framework for healthy eating and balanced nutrition. IsaLean™ Shake, coupled with adaptogens and supplements, makes reshaping your habits easier.

What are Cleanse Days?

Isagenix Cleanse Days are days of intermittent fasting supported by our nutritional supplements. Its purpose is to provide a sense of nourishment and energy while aiding in the pursuit of health and weight management goals.

What are the adaptogens found in Ionix® Supreme?

Ionix® Supreme features a potent adaptogen blend, including ashwagandha, maca, eleuthero, rhodiola, schisandra, shilajit, and more. These plant-derived ingredients combat stress and boost performance.

Is there a difference between Cleanse for Life™ powder and liquid?

Both Cleanse for Life™ options provide the same nutritional cleansing benefits, with the main difference being the delivery form. The liquid is pre-blended, requiring no mixing, while the powder offers flexibility in preparation.


2 IsaLean™ Shake or IsaLean™ PRO Shake
1 Cleanse for Life®
1 Ionix® Supreme
1 Complete Essentials™