Whey Thins™

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Whey Thins are delicious savoury protein-packed snacks. Each individual pack contains only 100 calories, so you can satisfy your taste buds without loading in calories.                                        No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

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 Isagenix Whey Thins are tasty, low-calorie, high protein snacks meant to curb hunger. They contain 10g of quality protein and are just 100 calories per serving. They are made from a combination of seven whole grains. The crackers are soy and trans fat-free. They come in a variety of tasty flavors including cheddar, sour cream, and barbecue. They have a satisfying crunchy texture.

Values and Benefits

  • Packed with quality protein which satisfies hunger, boosts energy, and contributes to building lean muscle
  • Comes in three delicious flavors
  • Made with whole grains that use the entire grain seed- this means you get 100% of its nutrients.
  • Soy-free so it’s ideal for people that prefer to avoid soy products
  • Free of trans fats that raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol
  • Just 100 calories
  • Comes in 3 delicious flavors
  • Comes in individual packets for convenient portability
  • Beneficial to weight loss- Whey Thins are low calorie yet filling so you snack less and are more likely to lose weight

How does it work?

Whey thins are an incredible blend of delicious and healthy because to their substantial 10g of high-quality, undenatured protein. They offer a low-calorie snack that combines a high-quality protein and carbohydrate blend to completely reinvent the supplement industry. Whey thins offer a savoury, nutrient-dense snack in contrast to our extensive selection of healthful sweet snacks.

This product’s high protein content boosts metabolism and helps with fat burning. Additionally, it speeds up muscle growth and recovery in between workouts. Beyond the more obvious benefits of having larger muscles and less body fat, protein also slows digestion to lessen blood sugar spikes and supports the maintenance of a healthy digestive system.

What’s Inside

  • Whey protein concentrate: Whey protein is a high-quality protein due to its wide range of essential amino acids. It has shown to be effective in increasing strength, muscle growth and body fat reduction.
  • Brown rice flour: Brown rice flour is made from whole grains, so it is an excellent source of fiber vitamins and minerals.
  • Natural Flavors: All chips are naturally flavored and do not contain any artificial ingredients.
  • Sunflower Oil: Sunflower oil is a preferred cooking oil as it is rich in antioxidants.
  • Calcium Carbonate: Calcium carbonate is a dietary supplement that promotes healthy bones and muscles and supports nervous system and heart health.

Who can this product benefit?

Healthy snacks are always a fantastic option for anyone, but this isa product works best for people who want to lose weight to have a healthier, leaner physique. This is made simpler by whey thins, which up the nutritional value of snacks, prolong satiety, and increase fat-burning capacity. You may alter your physique dramatically with minor dietary adjustments by swapping unhealthy junk food with whey thins!

Second, whey thins are a fantastic option for athletes, sports fans, and gym goers who need to swiftly refuel after a challenging workout. Whey thins offer a combination of high-quality carbs and quickly digestible, undenatured proteins that help with muscle replenishment and recovery.

Can I Use Whey Thins on Cleanse Days?

 Yes, Whey Thins are recommended for Cleanse Days. They are low calorie and will not detract from your weight loss goals. Their protein content ensures they offer the nutrition you need to make it through. However, it’s important not to overdo it. Eat a few crackers throughout the day without exceeding one bag per cleanse day.


Whey Thins are a tasty, low calorie, high protein snack that will help you reach your cleanse and weight loss goals. They are made with all natural ingredients you can feel good about. How will you be incorporating them into your meal routine?