Xango Reserve


Xango Reserve is a sweet and tangy all-natural fruit drink that supports your body’s overall health and wellbeing. Craft with nutritionally packed superfruit mangosteen.

  • Supports healthy body function.
  • Supports overall well-being.
  • High in bioflavonoids (catechins and proanthocyanidins).
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XANGO Reserva is crafted with premium fruit juices and plant-based nutrients from mangosteen. This sweet and tangy all-natural fruit drink helps supports your body’s overall health and wellbeing. Rich in plant-based nutrients and phytonutrients. Made from a puree of the whole mangosteen fruit that includes the rind, pulp, and seeds.

What is Xango Reserva?

Xango Reserva is a drink that is suitable for daily consumption. Made from mangosteen fruit and fruit juices, it assists with overall health and wellness.

What are the benefits of mangosteen?

The mangosteen fruit is typically grown in tropical South East Asian countries. Sweet-sour in taste, it contains compounds that support overall health, such as xanthones.

How do use Xango Reserva?

We recommend consuming 30-90ml per serving daily.

Who is Xango Reserva suitable for 

Suitable for anyone over the age of 4 years. We recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women consult their doctors before using this product.

What is the difference between Xango and Xango Reserve?

Xango is designed to provide your body with the benefits of mangosteen while also providing additional support from other fruit ingredients. Xango Reserve has the same benefits as the original Xango. However Xango Reserve delivers more mangosteen per serving, giving it an incredibly rich and complex taste.




Dairy Free

Soy Free

Gluten Free