How To Buy Isagenix Products (Sign up and Save)

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We’re thrilled you’ve decided to embark on this journey with us. This page will walk you through buying our products – whether as a retail customer or at discounted prices when signing up for an Isagenix membership. 

Start your healthier lifestyle today by following the steps outlined here and enjoy all the benefits of being part of our community.

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How to buy our products at retail prices (no membership)

Step 1: Go to Buy Now Page

Step 2: Open Product Category of Interest

Hover over the “Buy Isagenix” menu tab to see which product category you’re interested in. (We’ll choose the weight loss category as an example.) This will open up a page listing all the weight loss products available.

Step 3: Select Your Product 

(Let’s try the Everyday Shake Pack).


Step 4: Identify Yourself

Since you’re not getting membership discounts (boo), you must select the “Guest Option” and then “Build My Pack.”

Step 5: Follow the Prompts

You’ll now have the option to select the shakes for your pack. (There’s also a handy “build for me option” to save you the mental math. Once you’ve completed your selection, click “Add to Cart.”

Step 6: Continue Shopping or Checkout

You’ll now have the option to keep shopping or continue to the secure checkout page to pick your delivery options and pay for your products.

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Discover the Benefits of Isagenix Membership Plans

Become a member today and experience all the advantages that come with it, from exclusive discounts to guaranteed satisfaction. With Isagenix membership plans, you can use our 30-day money-back guarantee for your first order, not to mention free shipping!

Plus, you have total control over your subscription – reschedule or cancel anytime without additional fees! So join us in achieving better health and wellness through Isagenix products.

Join Isagenix Subscription Rewards

This is the most advantageous plan for those committed to their health and wellness journey. The following benefits come with this membership: 

  • Upto to 15% Off Guest Price 
  • Your preferred items will be conveniently delivered to you every month. 
  • Free Shipping for new customers (Initial Order Only)
  • $9.9% flat-rate shipping on subsequent Subscription Rewards orders (Average saving of 30%)
  • Earn points towards special rewards through the Isagenix compensation program.

Become a Preferred Customer

Start your wellness journey with Isagenix by becoming a preferred customer. Enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Upto to 15% Off Guest Price
  • Receive fast shipment from an area distribution center close to you. 


Opting for Full Retail Pricing allows you to purchase Isagenix products in Canada at their highest prices, making it the most costly method of acquiring Isagenix products.

  • No Discounts – full retail price
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Become a Member for Great Benefits

Being a member of the Isagenix family has its perks. You’ll save 15% on each purchase, and your orders will be shipped to you quickly from one of our local distribution centers. Plus, there’s no annual fee associated with this membership plan. 

A Good Choice for Trying Out Products 

Retail prices may be best for you if you’re looking to sample some Isagenix products before committing to further purchases. However, if you plan on regularly ordering items from us monthly, become a Preferred Customer and use Autoship privileges – your first order alone can offset the $25 membership fee.

Hassle-Free Cancellation

When signing up as a member, you can delay or cancel your autoship without any additional charges. This plan offers the best value for those serious about achieving their health and fitness goals and is yours for the low annual fee of $29 CN.


Interested in Signing Up? Here’s How!

Let’s break down the process for becoming an Isagenix Subscription Rewards Member so you can get started enjoying all the perks!

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Isagenix products
Isagenix weight loss


What are the benefits of enrolling in autoship? 

When you sign up for Isagenix Autoship, you benefit from added convenience and exclusive discounts. With Autoship, you can set up an automatic recurring delivery schedule that fits your lifestyle. Plus, you’ll save money by joining as a Preferred Customer or Member and receive additional savings on selected products.

Want to cancel your autoship? 

No problem. You can contact our support team at or phone 877-877-8111 to make the necessary changes. Cancelling an autoship order does not affect your Isagenix membership, so you can still access all products at wholesale prices when needed!

Are you able to put your autoship on hold? 

The answer is yes! Contact our friendly customer care team in Canada by dialling 877-877-8111 and requesting the hold. Your Isagenix membership will remain unaffected during this time, allowing you to still order products at their wholesale price. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to delay the shipping of your autoship order up to 60 days from the current date. All that’s required is a quick login into your back office and clicking the orange “Manage Autoship” button on the home page. 

Then, change your desired shipping date and hit the “Confirm Autoship” button at the bottom of that page.

What if I want to update my shipping or payment details? 

Changing your Isagenix subscription information is easy. Log in to your back office, click the orange “Manage Autoship” button, and select the “Edit My Autoship” option. From there, you can access the Shipping Information and Payments sections, where you can modify existing information or add new info by clicking the blue “Add” button. After updating all applicable details, simply confirm by pressing the “Confirm Autoship” button to save any changes made. It’s that simple!

How can I modify my next order? 

You can customize your upcoming autoship order at any time. To do this, log in to your back office and click the orange “Manage Autoship” button. Then, you can add or remove products from your cart as desired. 

Always make sure that there is at least one item in the shopping cart before clicking “Confirm Autoship” at the bottom of the page so that your changes are saved. You also have the option to delay shipping for up to 60 days from today’s date if necessary. 

Subscribing as an Isagenix member gives you access to exclusive products, offers, and benefits that make getting healthier even easier.

What are the returns and refund policies? 

Should you be dissatisfied with Isagenix products or have received damaged or faulty items, please check out our Returns & Refunds page for more information on reimbursement and replacements. If you have further questions, contact the customer service team at 877-877-8111. Plus, when you subscribe as an Isagenix member, you can benefit from exclusive discounts that will help you save money on your purchases!

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