How To Do Isagenix Cleanse Day

Isagenix Cleanse Day

Discover the revitalizing advantages of a Isagenix Cleanse Day, an intermittent fasting method with nutritional support. Designed to leave you nourished and energized, it contributes to your health and weight management goals. If you’re new to Cleanse Days, you’ll find it pleasantly straightforward to embark on this journey.

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What Is An Isagenix Cleanse Day?

Isagenix cleanse days are the perfect way to jumpstart your wellness journey. By combining the principles of intermittent fasting with healthy eating habits, you’ll get the best of both approaches.

During a cleanse day, you’ll replace all meals with our delicious Isagenix Snacks™, IsaDelight® Chocolates,  and thirst-quenching drinks like AMPED™ Hydrate that support weight loss, detoxification, and improved overall well-being.

Our revolutionary cleansing products are formulated with active ingredients scientifically proven to provide strong protection against cell damage from harmful toxins. And it doesn’t end there; after a cleanse day, your body will more effectively eliminate these toxins – leaving you feeling healthier and less stressed. 

Not only do our clients attest to significant weight loss after regular cleanse days, but they also report feelings of balanced essential nutrition – a vital part of any healthy diet routine. With Isagenix cleanse days, you can expect improved brain chemistry, leading to increased energy levels, improved mood, heightened cognitive performance, and better sleep quality. 

So if you’re looking for a way to kick off your weight loss journey or need an energy boost, our cleanse days are the perfect way to adopt a healthier lifestyle. With the combination of scientific proof behind its powerful ingredients and our clients’ amazing results, Isagenix cleanse day is an essential step in achieving optimal health.


How Do I Prepare For An Isagenix Cleanse Day?

Preparing for an Isagenix cleanse is key for achieving the best results. Before beginning, ensuring you are in good health and have plenty of energy is critical. If you feel tired or unwell on your scheduled cleanse day, postpone the cleanse until two consecutive shake days have passed.

Isagenix shakes provide an impressive range of ingredients and benefits, including:

  • Fibre to aid digestion
  • High-quality protein to support tissue repair
  • B vitamins to boost metabolism and convert food into energy
  • Choline and inositol to improve liver function
  • Aloe vera leaf gel for enhanced digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Turmeric that assists with detoxification while supporting cardiovascular health

Structure Your Routine For Cleanse Day

When you are ready for your cleanse day, stocking up ahead of time with Isagenix’s Cleanse for Life and IsaFlush products will ensure you can complete the entire cleansing program without running out of necessary items.

To further ensure success, don’t forget to have Isagenix snacks ready. Fibre snacks provide satiety as well as a nutritional boost during cleanse days. Additionally, ensure your physical environment reflects your goals by removing junk foods from cupboards that could sabotage the cleanse or diet. 

Effectively manage cravings and adhere to a low-calorie intake by integrating Isagenix Cleanse Day-approved snacks. Each snack is assigned a value of 1, 2, or 3 Cleanse Credits per serving, offering flexibility in your choices. Strive for a total combination of 10 or fewer Isagenix Cleanse Credits, utilizing the Cleanse Day Tracker as a systematic guide to track your progress.

If you’re having trouble organizing and planning the cleanse, utilize Isagenix’s Cleanse Day Planner for guidance. 

We formulated our cleanse days to rid the body of toxins and replenish it with vitamins and minerals to maximize your body’s potential daily. With the proper preparation, you can experience an effective transformation that leads to long-term health benefits.

How To Do A Isagenix Cleanse Day

Step By Step Guide To Complete Cleanse Day

1.Cleanse for Life: Consume four servings evenly spaced throughout the day: morning, noon, late afternoon, and evening.

2.Adaptogen Boost: Include one serving of Ionix Supreme or Adaptogen Elixir for adaptogenic benefits. Maintain regular intake of Collagen Elixir™, Recharge NAD™, or other supplements.

3.Natural Acceleration: In the morning, take two Natural Accelerator capsules. Before bedtime, ingest one to two IsaFlush capsules with 8 ounces of water.

4.Strategic Snacking: Choose from Cleanse Day-approved snacks to reach a total of 10 Cleanse Credits or fewer. Distribute snacks evenly throughout the day using the Cleanse Day Tracker for monitoring.

5. Hydration: Stay hydrated with calorie-free beverages like plain, unsweetened coffee or tea, herbal tea, and water. Customize your schedule based on this sample Cleanse Day routine to optimize your experience.

Cleanse day

Example Of Cleanse Day Schedule


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • 1 Snack Bites™ (3 Credits)
  • 2 Natural Accelerator capsules


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • Adaptogen Elixir or Ionix Supreme


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • 1 Energy Bites™ (3 Credits)


  • 1 Snack Bite™ (3 Credits)
  • 1 deep cleansing serving Cleanse for Life
  • 1-2 IsaFlush capsules

What Are Isagenix Cleanse Credits?

Essentials of Cleanse Day: In addition to crucial Cleanse Day products, make use of Cleanse Credits to select from a lineup of approved Cleanse Day snacks. These snacks, assigned values of 1, 2, or 3 Cleanse Credits per serving, allow flexibility based on your preferences. Strive for a total of 10 or fewer Cleanse Credits by opting for choices that align with your Cleanse Day objectives.


Cleanse Day Credits

0 CreditsOrganic Blend Coffee / black coffee • Black, green, or herbal tea • Still or sparkling water • Hydrate • Hydrate + Hyaluronic Acid
1 Credit BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink (125 mg caffeine) • BĒA Biotics • Xango® Juice or Xango Reserve • Adaptogen Elixir™ • Nootropic Elixir™ (80 mg caffeine)
2 Credits Isagenix Snacks™ (2 wafers) • Greens™ • E+™ (85 mg caffeine) • Collagen Elixir™ • Collagen Bone Broth • Fruits™ • SuperMix™ • AMPED NOx** • AMPED Nitro** (100 mg caffeine) • AMPED Power** • AMPED BCAA Plus** • AMPED Repair** • SmartMix® • XM+® (155 mg caffeine)
3 CreditsHarvest Thins™ • Whey Thins™ • Snack Bites • Energy Bites

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Customize Your Cleanse Day Journey

Ease into the Cleanse Day experience with a gradual approach. Begin by trying a 12- or 16-hour mini cleanse, providing a gentle introduction. Experiment and find what suits you best. Start your day following a Cleanse Day schedule and break your fast with an IsaLean® Shake in the late afternoon or evening.

For a more gradual transition, consider adding a couple of extra snacks, like Harvest Thins™, into your schedule. Particularly helpful for newcomers to nutritional cleansing, these approved snacks contribute to success. However, be mindful, as extra snacks can accumulate quickly. Like any skill, mastering the art of cleansing improves with practice, and soon you’ll approach Cleanse Days with confidence. Flexibility is key, allowing you to adapt Cleanse Days to your preferences within general guidelines.


Choose IsaLean Shake As Your First Meal After A Cleanse Day.

After an Isagenix Cleanse Day, treat your body to a well-rounded meal, and nothing beats an Isagenix Shake. Having allowed your body the essential time to rest and detoxify, it craves comprehensive nutrition, especially the high-quality protein found in IsaLean Shakes. The combination of Cleanse Days and Shake Days proves effective in supporting fat loss while preserving muscle mass—a strategy not only for shedding pounds but also for sustaining weight loss.

Crucially, success on Cleanse Days takes different forms; it’s about discovering approaches and habits that resonate with you. Take charge of your Cleanse Day, tailor it to your unique needs and body, and you’ll discover that motivation and commitment come effortlessly. Soon enough, your weight loss aspirations will become a distant memory, and you’ll joyfully maintain both your weight and overall health.


Isagenix Cleanse Day FAQ’S

Why Do An Isagenix Cleanse?

Isagenix Cleanse for Life and IsaFlush provide the perfect combination of nutritional cleansing and detoxification. Our unique blend of natural ingredients works together to deliver a multitude of health benefits.

Our powerful formula contains potent adaptogens like ashwagandha which helps counteract the effects of stress on your body while providing mental resilience benefits. Traditional herbs eleuthero and rhodiola also work to give you a natural energy lift without any negative side effects. 

Plus we’ve added in bilberry, raspberry and purple carrot for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They offer up a delicious flavor while supporting metabolic processes, especially for those that are middle aged or overweight. 

For digestive ease, we’ve included peppermint and fennel to soothe your gastrointestinal tract with the added bonus of a refreshing flavor. 

When you complete a cleanse day with Isagenix, you are providing your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and energized. With three balanced meals and our scientifically-formulated cleanse products, you’ll be on the path to optimal biological functioning without any adverse effects – that’s the holistic approach to total well-being.


What Makes Isagenix Cleanse Days Special?

When you Immerse yourself in the Isagenix Cleanse for Life and IsaFlush experience, you’ll get the ultimate solution to reinvigorate your body and kickstart healthier habits. Our cleanse days are special, incorporating principles of intermittent fasting while providing nutrient-dense nourishment to help you reset your system.

What Sets This Approach Apart?

Instead of just fasting for a period, you’re giving your body vital nutrition that helps sustain the process without sacrificing energy or vitality. Research has shown that intermittent fasting can have impressive health benefits such as weight loss and improved metabolic health, but with our cleanse days you get more than just fasting – you get the best of both worlds. 

Our Shake and Cleanse Pack offers a comprehensive introduction to this unique combination, arming you with the essentials for an effective cleanse as well as a variety of products designed to simplify your journey. 

With these tools and an adherence to our straightforward guidelines, you can reach your health goals in no time. 

For a balanced approach to resetting your body, we suggest using cleanse days as a way to refresh and rejuvenate. However, overdoing it by scheduling more than two cleanse days in one week can lead to dangerously low calorie intake. Strike the right balance for optimal results.

The Isagenix approach has already changed lives through transformative results – what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to reset your body and start seeing lasting results.

Natural Accelerator

Why Are Isagenix Cleanse Days Integrated With Thermogenesis?

Cleanse days are an integral part of the Isagenix diet, allowing you to reset your health and jump-start fat loss. With only 1-2 cleanse days recommended per week, it’s easy to boost your intake of essential nutrients without much time or effort.

Enhance the positive effects of these cleanse days with our natural accelerator for even greater results. By implementing this simple yet effective strategy into your lifestyle, you will reap countless benefits in terms of energy levels, improved digestion, an overall better sense of wellbeing and so much more.

Take your health and wellness journey to the next level with Isagenix cleanse days – it’s easy, effective, and will make all the difference in reaching your goals!

Should I Exercise On A Cleanse Day?

Engaging in light-to-moderate exercise, excluding strenuous activities like marathons or intense ‘leg day’ workouts, may enhance your results. Recent studies suggest that exercising during fasting may improve weight loss, body composition, and cardiovascular health more effectively than fasting or exercise alone. Another study on muscle damage during water-only fasting found no adverse effects on exercise-induced muscle damage or recovery. Light exercise, such as yoga, walking, or low-impact home workouts, can act as a mild appetite suppressant and assist in managing hunger on Cleanse Days. Always listen to your body and avoid overexertion.


Should You Cleanse One or Two Days Per Week?

During a Cleanse Day, your body undergoes two distinct stages aligned with the physiology of fasting, determined by the time since your last meal. These time frames vary individually, making the following estimates general. It’s recommended to incorporate either one or two Cleanse Days weekly to maximize cleansing benefits. While the duration can be adjusted, especially for beginners, it’s crucial not to exceed a two-day cleansing period. Individual variations in these stages emphasize the flexibility of the Cleanse Day approach.

What Happens At Stage One Of Cleansing?

Postabsorptive State

Following each meal, your body undergoes the digestion and absorption process, transporting nutrients through the bloodstream to all cells. Approximately three hours after a meal, the postabsorptive state, the first stage of cleansing, initiates. In this phase, the body utilizes recently consumed nutrients and taps into stored resources for steady energy and blood sugar levels. During cleansing, the postabsorptive state spans about 12 to 18 hours after a meal. For instance, if you plan a Cleanse Day after an evening dinner, you’ll traverse most of this phase during sleep, concluding in the morning or early afternoon, depending on your dinner timing.

over coming plateaus weight loss
Cleanse day

What Happens At Stage Two Of Cleansing?

Fasting State

The second phase of a Cleanse Day, known as the fasting state, kicks in approximately 12 to 18 hours after your last meal and persists until you’ve surpassed 48 hours of cleansing. In this stage, your body primarily burns fat for energy, requiring a small amount of sugar to sustain metabolism. As glycogen stores deplete, Cleanse Day support products become crucial, providing essential nourishment, including a modest carbohydrate amount, to fuel metabolism, satiate hunger, and curb cravings without disrupting the cleansing process.

Visualize the transition during the fasting state: your body shifts from the postabsorptive state in stage one, utilizing nutrients from your last meal, to predominantly burning fat for energy. Rapid fat breakdown triggers the production of ketones, inducing a mild form of ketosis—a positive state distinct from ketoacidosis related to diabetes.

Consistent consumption of Cleanse for Life and support products ensures a steady nutrition supply with controlled calorie intake. While completing stage one holds health benefits, stage two is pivotal for triggering key Cleanse Day advantages. Whether a one-day or two-day cleanse, both stages induce these benefits, eliminating the necessity for a two-day cleanse to achieve these results.

When Does A Double Cleanse Start And Finish?

Many wonder if they extend their fasting beyond 48 hours during a double cleanse, risking unfavorable effects on lean mass preservation. Typically, a double cleanse spans from breakfast on the first day (e.g., Monday morning) to the evening of the second day (e.g., Tuesday night), with the initial meal being the breakfast shake (e.g., Wednesday morning). For optimal preparation, the evening meal before the double cleanse (e.g., Sunday night) is recommended to be an IsaLean™ Shake—providing a light yet nutrient-dense start.

It’s crucial to note that the fasting state begins approximately 12 to 18 hours after your last meal. Thus, a 48-hour fast (double cleanse) technically initiates from the first morning of your Cleanse Day and concludes with the breakfast shake on the third morning.



Cleanse days are an integral part of the Isagenix diet, allowing you to reset your health and jump-start fat loss. With only 1-2 cleanse days recommended per week, it’s easy to boost your intake of essential nutrients without much time or effort.

Enhance the positive effects of these cleanse days with our natural accelerator for even greater results. By implementing this simple yet effective strategy into your lifestyle, you will reap countless benefits in terms of energy levels, improved digestion, an overall better sense of wellbeing and so much more.

Take your health and wellness journey to the next level with Isagenix cleanse days – it’s easy, effective, and will make all the difference in reaching your goals!

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