Isagenix Isabody Challenge

What Is Isagenix IsaBody Challenge? 

At Isagenix, our commitment lies in the prosperity of our customers both physically and financially. This dedication is exemplified through the numerous remarkable success stories associated with Isagenix. Continually striving to enhance our products and customer experience, we take immense pride in granting real individuals the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and earn financial rewards through our esteemed IsaBody challenges.

The IsaBody challenge serves as an enjoyable and supportive platform that inspires Isagenix users to pursue their fitness aspirations and attain remarkable accomplishments. It presents a fantastic opportunity to motivate and challenge oneself, while also becoming an inspiring role model for others. Moreover, participants have the chance to win prizes worth thousands of dollars as a testament to their incredible journey.

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How Does The Isabody Challenge Work?

At Isagenix, we aim to help customers thrive and reach their fullest potential. We’re proud of the success stories that come from using our products, which is why we want to give you a chance to celebrate your accomplishments with the North America IsaBody Challenge. 

This 16-week program will provide you with a community for support and the accountability to make healthy changes in your life. Plus, if you join this challenge, not only do you have the opportunity to win thousands in prizes, but you also get rewarded with a US$200 coupon code for any Isagenix product – just for participating!

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The Isagenix Body Challenge: Get Started Today!

Are you ready to take on the North America IsaBody Challenge? This is your opportunity to demonstrate your dedication and commitment to a healthier, more empowered lifestyle. 

As part of this global competition, you’ll join Isagenix members worldwide in pursuing your ideal body. To enter, there are just a few simple but necessary steps to complete:

1.      Capture your transformation – submit 4 “before” and “after” photos to show us how far you’ve come. You can pick just one of each at the end of the challenge. 

Standing tall, snap full-body shots for a comprehensive view of your progress over time.  You should wear the same outfit and use the same pose for each picture to show off your transformation. Next  you’ll need to submit your progress photos within two weeks of completing the competition. Be prepared to submit maintenance photos to the judges if required during the assessment. 

2. To better help our judges, you may need to provide additional materials, like body fat analyses, photos, videos (5 minutes max!), accurate waist, chest, and biceps measurements and more. Plus, don’t forget those all-important testimonials and business statistics. Contact us now for more details.

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3. Save 10% when you join the North American IsaBody Challenge! Fuel your journey with 500QV of Isagenix products and unlock even more rewards. To keep reaping the benefits, order a minimum of 100QV every 30 days for 16 weeks to qualify. 

4. Once you opt-in to judging, you’ll need to compose an essay between 250-500 words to tell your story about participating in this challenge, what motivated you to take it on, how Isagenix products helped you reach your goals and how you plan to inspire others with similar success.  This will be your time to showcase your journey and share what targets you have lined up for the next IsaBody Challenge.

5. Embark on a life-changing journey with the IsaBody Challenge. Transform your body, mind and spirit to reveal vibrant health and wellness. Achieve outstanding results and inspire others by entering our North America Challenge. Join now – all it takes is commitment, hard work, and dedication!

Isabody Challenge Rewards

While everyone who participates in our Isagenix Body Challenge is a winner, our corporate judges will determine the competitors who most embody the spirit of commitment and dedication we value so much at our company. Throughout three judging periods, our panel will pick five finalists in each period. Once selected, the judges will award the top three prizes to the following:

The Grand Prize Winner:

Experience the IsaBody Challenge with Isagenix, and you could be jetting off to an incredible corporate event – all expenses paid! Plus, you’ll have the chance to win a whopping US$25,000 in cash and even score a professional photo shoot. 

The Fan Favourite:

If you become a fan favourite in our Isagenix body challenge, you could walk away with fantastic rewards! Be in for a chance to win US$10,000, and join us on stage at the Isagenix Event. We’ll even fly you out and put you up in a hotel, plus give you a professional photo shoot to show off all your hard work. 


Successful finalists will receive US$3,000, not to mention the opportunity for a professional photo shoot. You’ll also get tickets and paid expenses for you and a special guest at the Isagenix Event, where we’ll select our Grand Prize Winner.

Honourable Mentions:

You deserve respect for entering and completing the Isagenix body challenge, so all participants will receive a US$200 product coupon, an exclusive T-shirt, and a digital certificate. Show the world your commitment to health and wellness with this recognition!

Download the IsaBody Challenge PDF guide for all the information you’ll need to get started today.

Ready To Take Your Fitness Journey To The Next Level?

Join the Isagenix Challenge and unlock exclusive benefits such as free products, money-saving rewards, and even a chance at our grand prize! This challenge is your chance to transform your body and life through a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition. 

To start, make sure you meet the entry requirements: be 18 or older, live in the United States or Canada, and commit to using Isagenix products for at least 16 weeks. Get ready to achieve your health goals with the IsaBody Challenge!

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