Science Behind Isagenix

Research & Science Behind Isagenix

Isagenix is a trusted and respected organization dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and live their best through nutrition, health and overall wellness. The Isagenix Organization is extremely passionate about creating healthier lives for everyone.

The organization spends a lot of time and resources researching and developing every single product to provide top-quality weight loss and wellness products that are science-backed. Our Isaproducts are scientifically proven to support your overall health and well-being.

The Isagenix Center of Nutrition and Science (ICONS) is the very heart of Isagenix. ICONS provides advanced research and development of all the products to further the quality, safety and efficacy of every single product. This is one of many reasons it brings peace of mind to over 600,000 Isagenix customers.

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Our Commitment

Isagenix’s unwavering dedication to advancing scientific research in the realm of diet, nutrition, and health stands as a defining characteristic of our company.

Through collaborative efforts with esteemed universities and laboratories, Isagenix actively supports and conducts clinical studies. These endeavors not only contribute to evidence-based nutrition research but also offer clinical validation for Isagenix Systems, promoting healthy weight loss and overall wellness.

Since its establishment, Isagenix has been at the forefront of introducing science-backed products. Moving forward, we remain committed to rigorously testing Isagenix products to uncover their enduring health benefits.

isagenix commitment


With an extensive no-compromise ingredient policy, Isagenix products are thoroughly tested and verified.

Diligently tested raw materials to ensure efficacy. Rigorously tested for safety from microbial activity, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, and more. Third-party finished product testing and verification. Procured exclusively from suppliers meeting our sustainable sourcing standards


Nutritional science is complex. Isagenix is here to make it simple. These products are designed to optimize nutrition, each formulated with functional ingredients that taste great and are designed to seamlessly fit into any lifestyle—simplifying the complexity of wellbeing.


Isagenix Works

20+ peer-reviewed publications in high-quality journals

50+ pilot studies

9+ presentations at major scientific conferences

Better results than many competitors and medical weight loss options


Isagenix upholds a steadfast commitment to delivering products rooted in research and science. From its earliest days, Isagenix has prioritized the development of science-backed products, and this commitment remains steadfast. Moving forward, Isagenix will continue to subject its products to rigorous testing to unlock their potential health benefits.

Through strategic partnerships with esteemed universities and laboratories, Isagenix actively funds and conducts clinical studies. This collaborative effort not only advances evidence-based nutrition research but also offers clinical validation for Isagenix systems, supporting healthy weight loss and overall wellness.

Isagenix Clinical Research Supports

Weight Loss

Long-Term Weight Maintenance

Improvements in Performance

Improvements in Cardiovascular Health

Toxin Release From Fat Stores

Ingredient Policy: Prioritizing Health, Safety, and Transformation

No matter how much we expand, our commitment to the quality of our products and ingredients remains steadfast. Ensuring the highest standards of product excellence and your well-being is our top priority.


Step 1 | Research and Select Raw Materials

In collaboration with John Anderson, the Scientific Advisory Board, and esteemed universities, a team of over 50 scientists meticulously reviews scientific literature to identify safe ingredients and optimal amounts that promote health.

Step 2 | Identify Sustainable Suppliers

Isagenix diligently seeks out sustainable suppliers who cultivate fresh ingredients in harmony with nature and meet stringent effectiveness criteria.

Step 3 | Perform Audits

Isagenix rigorously evaluates manufacturers through comprehensive audits and relies on third-party assessments to ensure rigorous quality control and safety standards are met.

Step 4 | Meet or Exceed Guidelines

All ingredients must adhere to or surpass Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) set forth by the FDA to ensure both raw materials and finished products are safe and devoid of impurities. Compliance extends to international regulatory standards, including those of Health Canada and the TGA in Australia, owing to Isagenix’s global presence.


Step 5 | Test Raw Materials

Prior to incorporation into products, raw materials undergo thorough testing for identity, potency, purity (including microbial activity, heavy metals, and pesticides), and organoleptic properties such as taste, color, odor, and texture.

Step 6 | Send Formulas to Production

Upon completion of analytic and sensory testing, approved formulas proceed to commercial production.

Step 7 | Oversee Quality and Finished Products

Isagenix maintains vigilant oversight of finished product quality and compliance, encompassing supervision of manufacturing testing methods, assessment of identity, purity, strength, and composition, independent third-party testing for label accuracy, and stability testing to ensure product quality throughout its shelf life.

Step 8 | Share Isagenix

Isagenix products are prepared to be distributed worldwide, embodying the company’s commitment to excellence and integrity.

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